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American Education

Education in America is an institution that has begun to suffer as of late, especially when you look at other countries and how well they are doing. It is not to say that America is doing poor in education, as there are many countries doing worse. The problem is that when you examine the overall wealth in the country with the respective levels of education, there is a great disparity. Usually, the most wealthy countries often have the best education systems, and in turn, the best and most brilliant people. In America, this is not the case, which has become frightening and disconcerting to many public figures. In America, our mathematic scores, for instance, have been atrociously low, especially when considering all of the resources at our disposal. Many people wonder then, what is the issues? What is causing this disparity? Well, part of the issue is with public policy. America is one of the only countries out there who profits off of educating their people, and also carries some of the highest student debt loans in the entire world. So how can a country be rich, but not the citizens in it? That is because the majority of the wealth in America is owned by the hyper-elite 1%, the people profiting off of these student loans.

Policies that are good for an economy such as free market are often bad for public services such as education. Despite these factors however, America continues to look for new avenues to fix these issues, whether that be by raising the standard of education, or the funding of programs that are geared towards improving public schools and teaching staff.

Betty Waltersdorf is a professional English teacher who does her part to help the issue of education in America.

Betty Waltersdorf - How to Complete Goals

Everybody has had trouble at some point in the past with sticking to something that they wanted to do. It is a real issue, trying to accomplish something, but falling short because you simply did not have the inner discipline or drive to complete the task. Whatever the reason is for not completing a goal, the first thing you need to know is that your self-reasoning is simply an excuse in disguise. No matter what you say to yourself, no matter how much you want to attribute the fact that you haven’t lived up to your expectations, the simple fact of the matter is that when it all boils down, you are the only real obstacle between yourself and completing a goal. Once you accept that, you are past the first and hardest step to completing your goal, acknowledging that you are the problem. Once you have found the problem, you can find the solution. It is much the same way that you cannot answer a question until you know the question.

In order to complete your goals, once you have acknowledged that you are your own obstacle, you must learn to never take no for an answer. You must remove self-doubt, the nay-sayer in your head who doesn’t believe. Any time you have a doubt, think to yourself, is this constructive towards finishing my goal? If the answer is no, discard the thought, it is meaningless. To complete the most difficult goals, it requires a certain single-mindedness, an uncompromising nature that very few are willing to embrace, which is why so many fail to do what they want. Completing goals is about never taking no for an answer, and always believing in yourself.

Betty Waltersdorf is an English teacher who always makes sure that her class accomplishes their learning goals.